TEXT EXPOSITION :Pengertian, Contoh, dan Struktur (Definition,Example,Structure Exposition Text)

Exposition Text

Text exposition adalah sebuah teks yang membahas sebuah isu atau permasalahan dan membahasnya dari satu sudut pandang. Exposition dapat dibagi menjadi 2 jenis, yaitu: analytical dan hortatory. Bila analytical exposition adalah teks exposition yang tidak disertai saran (hanya menyertakan pendapat dan argumen), maka text hortatory exposition adalah text yang disertai saran.

     An analylical exposition text is a from of an essay or an argumentative text. The social function is to persuade the reader or listener that something is the case (good, bad, necessarry, harmful, needs to do, benefical, etc). So, it is also called a persuasive text.

Examples :

  • Why books are important for us?
  • Cars should be banned from cities.
  • Nuclear energy is very hazardous.
  • Smoking is not a good habit.
  • Smoking is dangerous for your health.

  The analytical expositions are organized in three stages :

  1. Thesis : It indicates the topic you are talking about. The paragraph should ended with the expressions of reasoning or proving the statement.
  2. Argumen : It list several reasons, gives facts or statistic or provides several examples.
  3. Reiteration : It restates the statement that has been stated in the thesis or makes conclusion based on the arguments.

Reading an Exposition Text

Before you read the text, translate the bolded phrases found in the text! Then read the following text carefully!

Smoking in Restaurant
Smoking in restaurants is just not on. It must not be allowed because it is rude, harmful to others and dangerous for the smokers.
Firstly, smoking in a restaurant is impolite. The smell of the smoke affects all people and can turn them off their food. People pay to taste good food and not to be put off by foul smelling smoke.
Argument 1: Point and Elaboration
Another reason, smoking should not be allowed in restaurant is the harm it can do to others. Passive smoking that is breathing in smoke made by a smoker can lead to asthma attacks and even cancer.
Argument 2: Point and Elaboration
Finally, smoking is dangerous and a health risk to the smokers. Cigarettes cause heart and lung disease, then people should not smoke to keep healthy.
Argument 3: Point and Elaboration
Therefore, smoking in restaurants is impolite, harmful to others and a health risk to the smokers and must not be allowed in any restaurants.
Conclusion (Reiteration)

Save Your Money Now!

    You may be asking yourself why it is necessary to save money. If you have enough to pay everything you need, why should youu worry about putting some money aside each month? There are a variety or reasons to begin saving money. Different people save for different reasons. Here are some reasons that you may consider saving your money.
       One reasons is for emergency funds. It is important enough to have an emergency fund set aside to cover unexpected expenses. This could cover an unexpected car repair, improvements on your house, an illness, or a sudden job loss. Ideally your expenses. In addition, you need to make sure you have a plan and good enough insurance in place to help you to survive the unexpected financial events in your life.
      Anoter important reason to save money is for you retirement. Although its too hard to do but the sooner you start saving retirement, the less you will have to save in the future. You can put your money to work for you. As you continue to contribute overtime you will be earning more interest on the money you have.
      A third reason to save money is for vacation or secondaryitems. You buying and negotiating power goes a lot farther when you have a significant saving. You can save up for tour to Bali or Europe. Your negotiating power is stronger if you have enough cash in hand. You can also negotiate the price of the car much lower if you are willing to pay cash at the dealership.
      Last but not least, the reason to begin saving money is for your money is for your future education. Each year more people return to school to earn their master or doctoral degrees. You may also consider saving for your child's education when the time comes. Better educations usually demand expensive costs.
      From the reason mentions above, it is unquestionable that saving money is a good habit and it is a compulsory, like an old proverb saying "forewarned, forarmed".

Hortatory exposition text:

Rock Rocks!!
Rock music has been one of the most powerful music in the world.Rock does not only concern with the music but also the life and fashion style of the rockers.
Argument 1
Firstly, there are those who do not approve of the way rockers dress and behave. Some go further and accuse rockers of Satanism. For example, Ozzy Osbourne, a famous rock star, often bit the head off small animals and drank their blood on stage. Many people considered such acts affiliated with Satanism.
Argument 2
Secondly, there are also occasions where teen commits suicide after going to a concert or listening to music. Such cases strengthen the conviction of many people that rock music, such as heavy metal and underground music is truly a bad influence.
Argument 3
Finally, for those reasons, I think the rockers should give positive examples to the listeners because the listeners tend to listen to their idols instead of other people.

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